Withdrawal Bonus


To increase your
earning potential

Taking profit is every trader’s main objective. At Netrios, we aim to reward our traders with the chance to increase their earnings. Our withdrawal bonus will give a 20% of your withdrawal amount as credit if you hold the funds in your trading account, opening the doors to new entry points and market opportunities.

Steps to Follow

Once you click “Yes, Claim Bonus” after placing your withdrawal order, choose an Account you would like to send your funds back to.

Next, your funds will be sent to the Account as balance, together with 20% extra as credit.

Now, turn your 20% credit into balance. You can do this by trading the markets and once it is converted into balance, you can use your funds as you wish.

Terms and Conditions

The following are the standard Terms and Conditions for the Withdrawal Bonus, available for Clients in a limited number of countries.

  1. The Withdrawal Bonus promotion is available for clients at the point of withdrawal of funds from their Netrios Ltd account.
  2. Withdrawal Bonus is only available for new and existing Clients of the broker who have a Live trading account.
  3. The Withdrawal Reward can be claimed by the client only if the user has received the pop-up box at the time of withdrawal from their account. If the client declines the bonus at the point of withdrawal, they will only have the opportunity to claim this on the next withdrawal.
  4. The Withdrawal Bonus offered is 20% of the active withdrawal request amount and the maximum Withdrawal Bonus is 5000 USD or equivalent value in the currency used for the withdrawal request.
  5. The Withdrawal Bonus will be received as a credit amount on the Client’s account which will be released from the said credit account by achieving a minimum level of trading.
  6. To transfer a Withdrawal Bonus from the credit account into balance, a Client has to trade at least 1 standard lot per each $5 or equivalent in the respective account currency, of the Withdrawal Bonus collected.
  7. If the required number of lots has not been reached, and the account balance has returned to zero value, or any funds are withdrawn before the required amount of lots have been traded, any remaining Withdrawal Bonus will be removed from the credit.
  8. If the equity in the account is less than or equal to the credit amount, all credit will be removed from the account, which may result in trades being stopped out.
  9. Only trading volume in Forex pairs, Metals and Cryptos is accounted for to calculate the trading volume for the Withdrawal Bonus. All other Instruments are excluded.
  10. The Withdrawal Bonus can be withdrawn once the amount credited has been converted to balance, as a result of the required lots being traded.
  11. The broker reserves the right to change the terms of the Withdrawal Bonus or cancel it at any time.
  12. The broker reserves the right to disqualify any user if there is any suspicion of misuse or abuse of fair rules of the Withdrawal Bonus terms.