IB Affiliates
Management System.


Bolster Your
Affiliate Management

Acquire a powerful system that gives you an omnichannel experience, can be fully integrated, and yet is flexible enough to cater to your distinct needs. Be well-equipped to tackle diverse markets, and lift-off your worldwide lead generation.

We use the latest technology to ensure the solution is integrated effectively into your business environment. Every aspect of the affiliate program introduction is fully automated, from the signing up, account authorization, dedicated resource allocation to unlimited campaign management, tracking, and in-depth reporting.

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Global Expertise

We bring together leading experts from around the world. So, be it Web Development, Compliance, Branding or Customer Relationship Management tools; we have the specialists to elevate it to the next level.

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Bespoke Branding

Working with our clients is all about scratching the surface to identify their strengths and qualities. Then, we use our experience and flair to make sure that your presence is one of a kind, just like you. We make sure that your brand’s identity is communicated across multiple channels.

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CRM Management

Data is today’s most valuable asset. We help start-ups, entrepreneurs and large-scale businesses to shift towards a customer-centric approach. Our CRM solutions will help you to stay on top of your leads, gather and analyse data while closing more deals.

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Tailored Technology

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches. Your business idea is unique and your tech tools should be unique too.

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Technology Providers

Our experts can craft the perfect web presence for your business needs. Skilfully weaving custom CMS development, dynamic UX/UI, and e-commerce showstoppers to make your business stand out from the rest.

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EKYC Aggregator

We will provide you with a support team that verifies client data and ensures complete safety for your structures.

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Affiliates. A Seamless Experience.

Our Affiliate Management System is fully responsive across devices and allows you to automate the process of commission and rebates generation. It is designed to answer your exact business needs, so you can oversee your affiliate program at any time, wherever you are.

In addition, we also tackle the positioning of your business, you can own a fully-branded premium affiliate portal, bolstered with personalized real-time alerts. These powerful tools will set you up for efficiency, flexibility, and achievement.

Key Features:

  • Administration and management tools.
  • Custom campaign creation and administration Panel.
  • Automatic commission and rebates generation engine.
  • Custom-branded premium Affiliate Portal.
  • Performance insights.
  • Referred clients, associated activity and reporting.

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